martes, 28 de julio de 2009


When I was a child I used to have "pan con chocolate" (bread & chocolate) for "merienda" (the Spanish name for the afternoon snack after the midday lunch and before the late dinner). It was just a thick slice of french bread with a large piece of chocolate bar inside. It is probably the simplest combination, yet it was delicious.

I have discovered that here in The Netherlands they've taken this "delicatessen" :-) to a more sophisticated level. They take a slice of sandwich bread, spread butter on it and cover it with chocolate sprinkles. I am not sure though, if they have this for "merienda" or for breakfast. Dutch community, feel free to enlighten us!

Cuando era pequeña solía tomar pan con chocolate para merendar. Los españoles sabrán a lo que me refiero... unas cuantas onzas de chocolate metidas en un trozo de pan. No hay combinación más sencilla y a la vez más deliciosa.

He descubierto que aquí en Holanda ellos han llevado esta "delicatessen" a un nivel más sofisticado. Toman una rebanada de pan de molde, untan mantequilla y la cubren con virutas de chocolate. No estoy segura de si lo toman para merendar o para desayunar. Si algún holandés quiere echar luz sobre este asunto, ¡bienvenido sea!

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Arno dijo...

I love the pure chocolate sprinkles for breakfast or lunch, especially on light (white) bread, with sufficient butter! The sprinkles (hagelslag) are sometimes also put on one or a double biscuit (with butter to hold it together) as a snack between meals (especially for kids). Hagelslag was first produced in 1936 and is typically Dutch. It's also eaten in Belgium, Indonesia and Surinam (former Dutch colonies). There's white, brown, dark and mixed chocolate hagelslag, and also colored with fruit flavours. Hope this was informative :) Do you like hagelslag?? cheers, Arno

SuperPi dijo...

Hey Arno. No one could have ever explained it better than you, thank you!!!! I tried hageslag once in its white version and I really liked it. Unfortunately it is not the best option if you want to keep fit but every now and then... we all deserve a sweet treat :-)

Barba Larga dijo...

When I was working several months in French Guiana in 2007/2008, one of my French colleagues asked me to bring hagelslag in one of the trips. He was also resident in Holland and was missing them mixed with yoghurt for breakfast. Try it, it's also a good combination!

SuperPi dijo...

Barba Larga - That is making your own "straciattela yoghurt", hehe!!!! I like that!!!